Jeakson Singh raises ‘Manipur flag’ after SAFF Cup victory to deliver govt focus

As India secured their ninth SAFF Cup championship with an exhilarating victory over Kuwait in a penalty shootout at Bengaluru’s Sree Kanteerava Stadium on Tuesday.

Through the medal ceremony following India’s SAFF Cup victory, Jeakson Singh stood out by sporting a multi-coloured flag, recognized because the “Manipur flag.”

Jeakson clarified that he wore the flag as a logo of unity and a name for peace in his state, attracting vital consideration and admiration from onlookers.

“It is my Manipur flag. I simply needed to inform everybody in India and Manipur to remain in peace and never struggle. I would like peace,” he instructed ESPN.

Jeakson Singh proudly displayed the Manipur flag all through the SAFF championships winners’ medal ceremony and at the same time as he left the sector with Mahesh.

Nonetheless, regardless of his noble intention of unity and peace, some followers criticized his gesture. Nonetheless, many others expressed their help for Jeakson, acknowledging his vital achievement as the primary Indian participant to attain a objective within the FIFA World Cup.

Responding swiftly to the criticism, Jeakson Singh promptly clarified his intentions, stating that he had no intention of inflicting hurt to anybody. He devoted the SAFF Cup win “to all of the Indians,” emphasizing his need to unite and rejoice the victory along with his fellow countrymen.